Touching Limits / Crossing Borders of Theatre


Touching Limits / Crossing Borders of Theatre

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In November 2022, the Theatre Faculty of Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno, Czech Republic, held the 12th International Theatre Conference. Just as the conference the previous year, the 2022 meeting of creators, theoreticians, and teachers from various performing arts fields was held in a hybrid form. However, the vast majority of the participants chose to come to Brno in person. Their physical presence was even required due to the format of some of the presentations. The participants were taken out into the streets of Brno twice; there the presenters (Alžběta Trojanová, and Laura Brechmann and Florent Golfier) created space for shared experience, which was then followed by a presentation and discussion. Although this multimedia publication aims to convey the content and form of the conference in the broadest spectrum possible, the performative walks just mentioned are not included in the recording. There, the conference team reached a technical limit. Thus also, the topic of the 12th edition of the conference materialized: touching limits/crossing borders. And so, we set out to explore these two main concepts. Boundaries were seen as places of transition, where one thing transforms into another; and limits were understood as the furthest points that can ever be reached. Be welcome in these turbulent zones.

Šimon Peták