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The Theatre Faculty of Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno is pleased to invite you to the Theatre Conference JAMU 2023 that will be held on November 9-10 in Brno, Czech Republic. 

In the previous two years, our conference was dedicated to exploring the frontiers of theatre and beyond. This year, we return closer to the centre of performing arts, aiming to identify and explore conflict zones in the world of contemporary theatre – both independent and institutionalized. 

Conflict is often studied as a dramaturgical and aesthetic theme. But what role does it play in the lives of today’s independent theatre groups and institutions? What do conflicts mean to us – a mere necessity, a draining burden, or a nourishing opportunity? And what is their role in the never-ending quest to keep theatre up-to-date and alive? At the conference, we want to explore these questions in connection with obtaining funds, day-to-day functioning of theatre communities, shaping artistic visions, the creative work itself, and other issues. 


Participate in the conference as a delegate! 

One part of the conference will take form of a colloquium – a moderated discussion block, in which invited delegates (creators and academics) will explore and analyse pre-set topics together. 

To apply for the delegate’s role, submit your CV and a text/audio/video response to at least one of the following 3 topics. We welcome responses based on one's own practical experience, conceptualizations of real situations/events (case studies) as well as theoretical perspectives with a philosophical background. One response should not exceed 1,000 characters, or 5 minutes of audio/video material. 

Sign up your proposal here by August 31, 2023. 

1) Certainty vs. uncertainty in the life of theatre groups/institutions: desirable degree, adaptation strategies and options of dosing 

2) Consciously entering into conflict: willingness, courage, fears, and potentialities 

3) Working with risk: conceptualization of uncertainty, conscious creation of the environment of controlled “danger”, creative strategies avoiding replication of proven composition schemes 


Delegates are not obliged to prepare a contribution in the form of a presentation. After the conference, a text or a video essay can be handed in to become part of a multimedia publication released as an outcome of the conference.