Immersive, interactive and post-choreographic forms of theatre

Summary of the session I.

The speakers in Session 1 introduced new approaches in the theatre, ones that make it possible for non-traditional elements to be partners to artists and a means of communication toward the spectator...

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Eliška Raiterová Theatre as a Mythical Shelter: The Archetypal Motive of the Hero’s Journey in Contemporary Theatre

Lukáš Brychta Between Interactivity and Narrativity of Scenography

Shuntaro Yoshida Post-Choreography as Choreographic Practice: Clumsy Movement and Jérôme Bel’s Choreography

Re-establishment and re-animation indigenity for a globalizing world

Summary of the session II.

Thomas Riccio gave a partially improvised, energetic, and insightful sixty-minute-long lecture in which he drew on his rich experience with living among – and creating art with – various indigenous groups...

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Thomas Riccio The Dead White Zombies: Performance as a Live Event

The performativity of the sound and light

Summary of the session III.

The third session focused on the performativity of the sound and light. The theme was framed and reflected on the background of the artwork of Nanni Vapaavuoiri and Elia Moretti...

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Nanni Vapaavuori Out [ ] of Focus – Working with Attention

Elia Moretti The Analogy Between Listening and Understanding the Relations Between Subjects

New perspectives of theatre in the digital era

Summary of the session IV.

The pandemic and lockdowns we were facing during 2020 and 2021 had brought new challenges, new experience, and new questions not only for the artists but also for the spectators...

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Martina Mašlárová Immersionline – New Horizons of Virtual Theatre

Kenneth Siren Behind the Green, Beyond the Shower Curtain

Theatre in times of digital and environmental challenges

Summary of the session V.

Theatre today is expanding, especially in terms of the environment in which it operates outwards and inwards. The first direction refers to the urban and natural context of human life and creation, to the ecological connotations of theatre practice. The second direction moves away from the natural context and shows the possibilities of theatre in cyberspace...

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Jovana Karaulic The Possibilities of the Eco-Turn in Today’s Theatre

António Baía Reis, Mark Ashmore When the Theatre Meets the Metaverse: A Conceptual Framework for Live Theatre and Performance in Virtual Reality

Attila Antal Counting Sheep – Real Life Virtual Theatre

The teaching of dramaturgy and acting

Summary of the session VI.

Marianna Kozak and Šimon Peták’s aim was to understand and describe various approaches to teaching dramaturgy and teaching acting. They explored the role of the original author’s work in education, as well as the position of students of dramaturgy and acting in relation to other study programmes...

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Šimon Peták Discussing the Teaching of Dramaturgy: Several Perspectives from the Field(s)

Marianna Kozak An Introduction to the Work of Nikolai V. Demidov in the Context of Acting Propaedeutics at the Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy

How minds and bodies of actors and spectators work

Summary of the session VII.

Actors and spectators are two sides of the same coin. The actors not only work with themselves, but also include the audience in the performance. In this section, two presentations were given. They dealt with the body and the mind of the actor, whether “living” or as puppets, and with the body and the mind of the spectator...

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Emese Simó Interconnections Between Psychodrama and Acting Approaches

Ana Díaz Barriga Applying Cognitive Science Methods to the Examination of the Spectators’ Engagement in Tom Lee & Koryū Nishikawa V’s Shank’s Mare

A person’s integrity

Summary of the session VIII.

The last session was dedicated to the topic of integrity: integrity of the person, integrity of the mind, integrity of the body, integrity of the creation, and integrity of the society. The speakers – Jan Motal, Martina Musilová and Uršule Bartoševičiūtė – explored the topic of integrity from different angles...

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Jan Motal ‘Don’t Touch Me’: Rethinking the Politics of Distance in Space Organization

Martina Musilová ‘Theatre’ – What a Wonderful and Easy Metaphor for Non-Theatrical Sciences!

Uršule Bartoševičiūtė Feminism in the Theatre: From Dialogue to Radical Ideology