Theatre Conference JAMU 2022


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Book of Abstracts

You can download the full version of the Book of Abstracts here: Touching limits / crossing borders of theatre 


The International Theatre Conference organized by the Theatre Faculty of Janáček Academy of Performing Arts is being held for the 11th time this year and is continuously developing. As a result of last year’s experience, when only a limited number of participants were able to attend in person due to the pandemic, we made the decision to continue with the chamber format this year as well. Simultaneously, the conference will be streamed online. Individual contributions will be given more time than in previous editions, which will help our meeting to stay even more focused. We need adequate room to cover the issues we will be addressing this year.

This year, we are moving into the turbulent areas on the periphery of the performing arts. We will examine various approaches to coping with them, we will discuss diverse ways of perceiving them, we will share our experiences. The two main concepts we set out to explore are borders—places of transition where one thing transforms into another—and limits—the furthest points that can be reached. The primary distinction between a limit and a border unquestionably depends on our perspective. So let’s pose the following question to ourselves: What limitations should we change into borders, and what borders should we uphold as limits? And how can we accomplish this?

Šimon Peták

Conference Programme Chair